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our story

Undaunted Ventures trains and coaches leaders. Leadership is commonly thought of something innate (how many times have you heard someone described as a “natural leader”?), something you have or you don’t. But the qualities of leadership - like authenticity and resilience - can be developed and honed. Leaders, like exceptional athletes, aren’t simply born; they are made through learning, coaching, and practice.

Every leader, sooner or later, is called upon to excel when the stakes are high - to win an election, hit a fundraising goal, to persuade and motivate and empower the people you need to when it’s crunch time. The training and coaching we offer at Undaunted will help you do that, but our focus isn’t only on winning one election or achieving one goal. Our focus is on you, the leader. You’re more than a single objective, and our job is to prepare you for both the nearest challenge and the ones that follow.

We draw from diverse fields to build our trainings and our bespoke coaching services - from neuroscience, positive psychology, narrative analysis, kinesiology, voice training, and others - to help you develop the skills you need for authentic, exceptional, and resilient leadership. You’ll face many obstacles on your leadership journey. That’s okay. We’re here to help you withstand challenges, overcome obstacles, and continue your mission - undaunted.