Supporting a resilient, sustainable, and powerful generation of change agents takes more than one training or weekend. We're here to ensure that you don't just win - no matter what, you'll lead.


Origin Story

4 hours

Our flagship workshop, Origin Story is built for candidates and progressive leaders to explore and connect with the core reason they want to lead - their origin story - and share that story with the authenticity their stakeholders expect and deserve. Designed for  groups, Origin Story employs a diverse range of methods to teach the power of story, the difference between information and narrative, and the essential tools of the good storyteller.



Story Pro

4 sessions

Story Pro coaches individuals one-on-one through the development and delivery of the story - or stories - that drives them. Over 6 hours in increments suited to your schedule, we'll ensure that your story is not only personal and authentic, but compellingly structured and delivered. Products include a written draft of your personal story, prepared by Undaunted, with revision sessions and coached rehearsals. This service is suitable for leaders who have begun their journeys or are about to take the plunge.


Political Athlete

Based on Consultation

You work in a high-stress, high-stakes environment; it requires consistent effort, spiked with moments where exceptional public performance is absolutely mandatory. You're not just a candidate - you're an athlete. The Political Athlete training and coaching series will help you prepare like one. Combining positive psychology, sleep hygiene, nutrition, and biomechanics, this bespoke program helps keep your energy and mood up, your stress managed, and your mental acuity sharp.


Video Assessment


Ready to refine your stump speech/pitch presentation, but running on a limited budget? We respect your hustle. Submit a 5-10 minute video of your presentation, and within 5 working days you'll receive a personalized report with your story's characteristics, techniques for improvement, and next steps based on your goals.

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