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Designed to both train and condition progressive leaders, 
undaunted ventures services offer fully customizable packages for every user. 

Your story is unique. Your training should be, too.


Origin Story + Story Pro

Origin Story coaches candidates and progressive leaders to explore and connect with the core reason they want to lead - their origin story - and share that story with the authenticity their stakeholders expect and deserve. 

Story Pro builds you up in personalized sessions, conditioning you to deliver your narrative with consistency, focus, and clarity time after time. These four sessions, scheduled around your availability, help identify both what drives you and how to reliably access it in any setting.


Political Athlete

The first in our Athlete series, Political Athlete takes candidates to their next level: understanding and analyzing the full spectrum of factors that lead to sustainable performance and success. From sleep and nutrition to work flow and stress management, the Athlete series is for those who know they’ve chosen more than a job: they’ve adopted a lifestyle.


Video Assessment

Great leaders emerge all over the world - but connecting for an in-person training isn't always possible. Video assessments give any user a chance to get specific feedback on their current story, how it's delivered, and a plan for improvement. 


when i am afraid to speak
is when i speak.
that is when it is most important.

— nayyirah wahed, salt